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Problem with boot ? on serw et


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I have real problem with my serwer.... Sombody, I think boot or program is connecting to serwer, and its using every free slots. If sombody is quit, this is joning quickli on his slot. I cant kick it from ref, admin, or kick by /ref kick 1 (number its slot) It was twice today.... What can I do with it, if this will repead?

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Try using PB server-side commands, such as pb_sv_plist, and probably pb_sv_banmask as I think this might require banning an IP address...


But we'll need more information about all this is you want more help, so feel free to give more details if you don't manage to solve it.

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I can't use this comand becourse its not on the serwer. Its just connecting all the time.... Then serw is kick, becourse its connecting to long, and in 2 min. its return (situation return 3 times and all people left serwer)

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