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need an opinon and video help


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:unsure: OK Boys and Girls :unsure:

ETpub 260b PB Server,no team damage;killing spree & hit sounds;adrenalen for all classifications except medics;kicks in at 1500 xp;and shows how much HP the player that kill has left.

The map was Goldrush,this axis medic gets hit by allies alltelery is thrown up in the air hits the ground starts shooting and sprinting towards three allies including me,that by the way are all shooting at him,I can't speek for the other guys but I know I was hitting him because I could her the headshot sound.So after all this medic went threw,without ever using a med kit still had 102 hp left.How is this possible?No way the guy had to be cheating.At the end of the map the guy had 99 kills and 13 deaths,than went on to message that it would have been at least 100 kill and less than 10 deaths if a noob with a flame thrower would have not been getting in this way.and then he was gone.

I've been playing ET.for about three years,ETwas the first online shooter I played.

have all the latest games but I still like to play ET.

I have never been one to care about making a video on any player but I guess now is a good a time as any to start.

The thing is,I'm not familier with that aspect of the game,the recording;viewing;saving; and posting of a video.

Is there a site someone can recommand that has this type of information.

Because here latley looks like cheaters are picking servers at random jumping in and killing anything that moves getting 30 to 50 or more kill without a death and then leaving or till they get voted off the server. Thanks chista88

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99 kills and 13 deaths isn't (on it's own) reason to say someone is cheating. It's not uncommon for this to occur on public servers, particularly when the opposition is unskilled.


The basic demo recording process is simple:


- /record <optional name>

- /stoprecord


When you start to record, you can simply type '/record' into the console and the recording will begin. The resulting demo file will be named 'demo0000.dm_84'. Additional recordings will be named 'demo0001.dm_84', 'demo0002.dm_84' etc.


Alternatively, you can specify a name. I.e. '/record blackwolf' would record the demo to the file 'blackwolf.dm_84'. These demos will be saved into your /etpub/demos folder.


To submit the demos to PBBans, you must be a streaming game admin and must post the evidence in the appropriate section.

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thanks for come back blackwolf,the info you supplied is just want I needed.

This perticular server has a lot of good players and the majority of the players have better than average skills some guys are in there almost everyday,but it's hard to over come a guy that you can't kill at least like you would kill a guy like me who is playing the game like it was intended to be played. thanks chista88

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Health is server side, and can't be modified by a client hook. Players can toggle certain settings, however, which make them very hard to hit. Decent cvar checks in place will help to reduce this problem.


Glad to be able to help.

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hay Blackwolf

Thought I'd let you know played on the ET.server yesterday that I was playing on when I did my original post.

The admins must have been giving a bunch of guys some rope so they could hange themselves.

They posted the names of all the guys that were banned from the server on the message scroll,it was showing names and hack code numbers,there were at least ten of them.

Played for about four hours and it was a good feeling knowing that there were no cheaters on the server,and it looks like if they do show up it won't be for long!!! Later chista88 :lol: :lol: :lol:

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