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A question about a Call of Duty 4 hacker....


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Hi all, I was recently in a public server in which a player was using a Wall/ESP hack, quite openly admitting to doing so. Over the course of 4 map changes, I recorded multiple demos of blatant hacking and took several screenshots of the server PBGUID list with his GUID listed also. My question is, what is the best way to go about getting this person banned? Is there a section on PBBans that I can upload the demos and screenshots or would I be better off doing something different?


As an aside to this, I got this person to add me on Xfire and send me 3 different Multi-hacks which he said weren't detectable by PunkBuster. I have already sent all 3 of these hacks to GameViolations.com, so if nothing else comes of this, at least there are a 3 fewer undetectable hacks out there.


Appreciate your time, and very grateful for anyone that can point me in the right direction.

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Thanks, Blackwolf. I've forwarded the hacks to EvenBalance and GameViolations, should hopefully get a result from this. As for the demos, I'll get in touch with the server admin and have a word.


Thanks again !

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You could also forward them to a staff member here, in order for them to have the appropriate checks added to the Master Config Index (MCi). I recommend you send them to Benway, since he's the MCi manager.




RodeoBob beat me to it.

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Well, from what ive heard, when u send them hacks, they add a random piece of code from it to there ban list, which makes it easy for hackers to exploit it and ban you by sending you a piece of the code over IRC then ur Banned.

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