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Punkbuster in distress


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Morning Guys;

Everytime I play in my server I get the following message: "punkbuster client pb client in distress can not authenticate with pb server (A1394)" :angry:

It is very anyoing because I have nanually updated the server file and also used PB setup to update my client file. Turns out that everything is up to date and I still get it. I also get kicked from my own server lol :(

Does it have to do with the fact that I am running the server from the same computer that I play with?

It only happens when I play in my server :banghead:





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What game is this?


It sounds as if your server's PB is outdated? Do [/rcon] pb_sv_ver to obtain information on the server's current PunkBuster version.


Then, go to EvenBalance.com and check that your server's current version matches that of the EvenBalance homepage I.e. the current server version for Enemy Territory is v1.640. Your server should also reflect that if you are running Enemy Territory.

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Duhh!!Oh Man...I must be tired lol I totally forgot to say :lol:

I am talking about COD4

but thank you....I will follow your advice and advise later



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