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Hey people from PBbans


I am member of thephreakz clan, playing Enemy territory since its released.


MY GUID:448e92ac


I am wondering do the PBbans considering me a hacker.


When i put my GUID in MPI it says im clean - now, when i go deeper, and use linked GUIDS and aliases, it shows me some wicked stuff - it likned me with games and nicknames i never ever used -


Anyway, guys from ETL league considers me hacker, even tho their only proof is that somebodys ban is somehow linked to some IP adress that is somehow linked to me.


Also they want me to appeal to that ban - but i dont want to appeal instead of anybody.


Can you please explain me the system of linked IP adresses or linked GUIDs because, this made a big mess in my community, and in that league.


Their "proof" http://evilterritory.com/league/forums/viewtopic.php?t=471

They want me to appeal on this BAN: http://www.pbbans.com/mbi.php?action=5&ban_id=23690


And im trying to explain that i have nothing to do with that ban but i cannot explain as long as i dont know how that linked GUIDs or aliases works.


On that list, it shows that i play some wicked games, like Soldier of fortune 2 wich i never ever tried.

Also i noticed, people who are linked to me somehow are really from Croatia ( my country ) but that doesnt prove that is mine ip adress at all right?


Please help me im in the corner for nothing.


PS: Wouldnt PBbans really ban me or put me in hub if i was real cheater hacker or whatever?

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