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ATI and black screen shots


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hello everyone, i am new to this forum and this is why it brings me here.


I am running an ATI radeon 2400 HD... which is a crap ass video card... And windows vista... I have seen fixes for nvidia but no ATI fixes ANYWHERE. Its not a HUGE issue, i plan on getting an nvidia card eventually, but just wondering if its even possible to fix, Thanks.


P.S. I mainly play AA which is where the issue is. But i also play BF2, BF2142, and COD4, and not sure if the others have the same issue, its never been looked into with the others.

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There is a reg-edit fix for AAO that might be successful for you - has worked for others when nothing else has


1.  Go to Start  and select  Run

2.  Type in regedit and press Enter

3.  Go to the Edit menu, and select Find

4.  Paste in the following value, and click Find Next.  Depending on how much stuff you have installed on your computer, it could take a while to find .. it may even seem like the Regedit program has hung.  Just be patient.



5.  Delete the value above wherever you find it.  You should find it twice.

6.  Restart your computer and test it out


Not sure if this works for other games but if there is someone who is confident in looking around the registry maybe it would be worth investigating.


Thanks to [eC]^Silent and the AON forums for this fix.



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ok well, there was an update for my ATI card on the 16th of last month, i believe. I installed and NOW 50% screen shots are normal and 50% are black. Which is typical. I made some legal modifications to some files to force directx 10? So im concerned these regedit's might interfere with that possibly. If anyone can determine they wont, I might try and go ahead with it. But as of now 50/50 is better then none =)


thanks for your time and consideration though, much appreciated. i'll show my clan your website if they havent already checked it out. We are much concerned with Hax.

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50/50 is an acceptable amount, as are 100% black if you run Vista. This is an easily re-produceable issue with Vista, which uses both DX10 and a version of DX9 for backward compatibility with older games. You might try running the game in XP SP2 compatibility mode and see if your situation improves. Simply right-click the icon, select Properties, click on the compatibility tab, and check the run as box that suits you. Also be sure to be running the game as administrator so that Vista allows full access to it. Not an end-all, but it might help some. It's an older game, using DX9, so compatibility may play a factor in the issue(guess-work there, but it's fairly logical to try).

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