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Screen shots are failing


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I just got it figured out how to take Screen shots using PB_SV_GETSS "Name" out of 50 screens only 2 have gone through this has been like this for the last day or so.


In IE I get (Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage)


In NetScape,

When I go to the FTP Directory svss and click on them it says this, Like I said I can only see 2 out of 50?



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no good idea to post your FTP login details in a public viewable forum ;p
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i would recommend you use a full feature FTP client (random example) to download the folder contents as a whole ;)


P.S.: for viewing in browser you can always use this link: ... tho seems this as well works like a lottery on windoze servers ;p


Just tried download the folder contents and everything I was denied the contents I couldn't see,

I never used a FTP client is there a trick to it?




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hmm my first impression was you had to get them file by file or the server would stall flodded with requestst ... but seems to be totally random here click, best you contact the server host for a fix

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