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Welcome Console Message In Cod4


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I don't know if this is the right spot BUT I've been trying in vain to figure out how to implement those automated messages saying something like, "Welcome [jadecougar] to LB servers! Your last visit was XX.XX.XXXX"


I have heard it's a feature of PBBans but I can't find any information/instructions about it. Can anyone give me some direction? Thanks a million!

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So, I'm not seeing where this would be applied. I do, however, see the screen to add a custom greeting per GUID, but I'd like this greeting to be applicable to our server. So, as soon as one connects, it displays the message "Welcome %name%, to the [KwP] server." or something to that effect. Ideas?

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Nevermind - this has been cleared up via the IRC channel.


Account Manager > Server Management (on the left menu) > Scroll to the bottom to add server message.


Works like a charm - thanks. ;)


*edit* - color codes for cod4 are supported, as well.

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