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Auto Console Welcome Message?


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I'm looking for an feature/script that can be enabled so that whenever someone joins in our servers, an automatic console message similar to this:


Welcome *xyxyxyx to the =LB=24/7 HC TDM #1 Server" *=players name


I realize there's apparently a Callback_PlayerConnect() section somewhere??!!


In this section there's a parameter (seen below) that can be added that will facilitate this functionality


self iprintlnbold ("Hello" + self.name + "Welcome to the =LB=24/7 HC TDM #1 Server");


Do I need to have a mod installed for this? I'm pretty sure that I have visited normal ranked, hardcore servers that have this functionality implemented. I'm looking for an easy step-by-step approach to this as it's been hard to find anything on this.


Does anyone have any words of wisdom on the topic?


Thanks ahead of time for your help!

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Custom welcome messages are offered as part of PBBans streaming. The messages are fully configurable, and are displayed upon a player connecting to your server.

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Hi, you could start by streaming to PBBans, this way you get a more secure server overall, and you will get your welcome messages included :)




Hi again,


thanks. I believe I have done this already actually which is why I'm asking cause it seems something isn't right if it comes automatically. Odd.


Server IP that was implemented first: (COD4 TDM)

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