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Hardware Bans


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Hi all


the server i admin has always had its cheats.(enemy_Territory)..there are some undetected and many i catch using the pb ss tool..the thing is..the only way myself and others who i have givin pb tools acsess to can ban perm is to ip subnet them.if they have or have not got a static ip

it makes some diff..guids and ips can be spoofed as we all no..and its so frustrating to all my admins that a ban can be evaided simply by a clever hacker spoofing either one..or most have multiple guids ,many alias names.but we do at times catch a few...

also subnet baning affects not just the hacker but other players using the same isp as the hacker so in the end i have to remove it, so others can join in and also it lets mr hacker in again


My thoughts are perhaps hardware baning can help with alot of these cheaters..to perhaps make it a little harder to get back into a game as if this can be done via a pb command and it proves to work or lets say players knowing this it also can be a deterent to try to get away with using a hack..i have asked evenbalence this question and i didnt get the responce i was looking for.So ill

leave it to you guys for a discussion on it..as i looked threw this forum on eny chat about hardware bans and didnt see one,,unless in my old age i missed it.lol..


Cheers Riff :)

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