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Hello, I'm new here and have a question for you guys... Cause I play COD4 a lot I've come to see a few hackers. Now I made demo's, numerous screenshots and got the guide from the hacker. I sended it all to evenbalance but got a standard answer in which they say that the cheater will probably get caught when a new upgrade from PB is made. Now, for future matters, when I see another hacker and get all the evidence, were do I go to give the evidence to you?? Another thing is comming up real fast and that is when some punk thinks he has to get real "punky" towards another player and pick a fight with him, the punk changes his name to the otherone's name and players get confused. I saw this happening a lot lately and its not funny at all but we all know how childish some can be. So what can I do about this????


Thnx in advance guys and please keep up the good work.



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You will have to become a streaming admin with PBBans.


Go HERE to sign up to be a streaming game admin.



If this is happening on another server than your own there is not much you can do. You must submit your evidence to the admin of the server, and if he or she is a streaming game admin here he or she will be able to get the cheater banned.

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As R1- FinePoints says, get your server streamed to us and such matter will be taken care of in the best possible way.

Setting up to stream can easily take under 15 minutes at the best conditions, after your Streaming Game Admin account is approved by PBBans :)


After you got your account approved, you can use this guide to get started with your streaming setup for your server.

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Well guys, I wanne thank you for the fast reply's but I'm not an admin. I play a lot on different servers and I'm a member of a clan but no admin. Now wouldnt it be great that evry player who knows how to make demos and screenshots and get the hackers ID and aliases can post them here so you guys can handle them?? I mean, if you guys could see the demo I have you would probably say that he's a hacker...LoL.


Now hear me out, this is just an idea to get more hackers on the ban-list. Lets say I see a hacker and send you guys a whole evidence-package and his ID, could you track him down or can you ban him by seeing the demo and stuff. If not, could members of PBBans go and track them out in servers??


Thnx guys and I allready love you, I guess....

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Due to logging and evidence the server have to stream to PBBans.

So handling in randomly demo's and PBSS will not get anybody banned I am afraid.

Any ban issued from PBBans will not work without streaming, this is the essence of it all.

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We ban based on streamed evidence from a streaming server that streams to us, and ban based on GUID only. The GUID is unique to the player's cd-key, and is the only accurate way to ban a player based on cheating.


If you join our streaming game admin (SGA) list by applying for an account and working through the 7 rcon commands, or manual upload/edit of files as needed, you will see that many people are not able to join your current server(s).


We also offer numerous other options once you are an SGA, so my advice is to get streaming, see links already posted above. We will be more than willing to help you on IRC as well, should you run into problems.

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Well, again thnx guys. I'll talk to the members on the servers I play and try to get them to stream to you guys. So there's no point of wasting my time making a demo of a hacker and try to get him.


I hope you guys will get to them en get them banned from every online game.



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