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Questions About Screenshots?


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I am curious what to do about this, and if anyone can tell me why there is a difference between these two black screen shots. One is mine, and one is from another squad member. he runs vista, I don't. My graphics cards are up to date, and so are his. Mine says the screenshot failed, his doesn't, its just black. What can I do to fix mine, and what can I do to fix his? Is there someone I can send them too to see why the difference? Oh and I had my anti aliasing turned on to 4 when this was taken in COD4, but now have turned it off, cuz I read that can cause it. but why would his be differnt on the bottom, and mine says it failed? Sorry if this same thing has been posted before, but I couldn't find it.


EDIT: Sorry, I thought this was in the general section, not the streaming section.





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Failed shots can happen for a number of reasons. Client/pb communication interruption can be one reason. Another might be the simple timing of when your ss was taken. For example, you've just joined the server, pb is sending it's queries, validating your guid, etc and at the same time, the server is attempting to capture an ss of you.


I use Vista 32-bit Ultimate, and currently run the latest Beta drivers from Nvidia, and get returned pbss with no problems. Drivers may or may not solve your issue, but either way, black/failed ss are not bannable as they do not prove anything one way or another.

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