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cant get access to pbss folder :(


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dammit :angry: ive been trying to get my SP to install tampa and let me have access to the PBss folder, I posted on the forums, he posted back saying make a support ticket, which i did, last I heard from him was 4 days ago :angry: and still no tampa or access (so frustrating)....


Claims to be 24/7 support!! well i wont call names but if your a member/SP here and you fit the bill you should be ashamed of yourself...get some more staff if you cant cope :unsure:

Its hard to be effective without pbss :(


sorry rant over



oooopsie its in the sig

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Giving them the benefit of the doubt, perhaps explain to them the why in reasonable detail. Given the nature of BF2 servers and ranking, not much in the way of access is generally granted to them to begin with. If you explain that you stream to pbbans.com and need access to the screen-shots taken by the configs, they will likely grant that to you. Most hosts do not seem to have much of an issue when they learn the why. It's a simple permission-change on their end.

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thnx roadwarrior,

well i finally got another reply via the support ticket saying hes on it and he'll get back to me, so ill give him a couple of days before pestering him again.

I did actually point out in my original thread to him that the server was streaming and access to pbss folder was a vital part of catching cheaters, its just frustrating when you dont get a reply for days on end, even a simple "were looking into it" would of been nice... :huh:

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