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I have a Problem and a question pls help me


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Hi People,


also, i just installed Wolfenstein Enemy Territory today, after a gamepause from about 1 year and i directly updated the punkbuster, but for few minutes i got kicked by the failure etx.pk3, what is this?


i reconnected to the server after a time get kicked again Oo


then i searched the data and delete it, now my question... What is this for a Data and how i got it? it is a new data from the game, i mean i have played 1 year ago the last time maybe it was a new data of punkbuster but it was in the etmain order, pls help me q.q



I hope for an fast answer.


Best wishes Kevin




EDIT: A friend said to me it is a driver failure.. it is right?

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maybe but a bit other >.> like ist it says an error in etmain/etx.pk3 and i dont know what it means Oo


(thx 4 reply)


EDIT: On my own Server WITH Punkbuster i have NO problems

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Aehm i know what is happened now.... One Server which i had joined was from a cheater clan which gaves me over the download by connecting to the server this data -.- this childs really thought thats funny, oh man i hate those childs, but thanks for help :>

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