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GUID How are they generated?


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Hello hope everybody is having a great day.


I have a question regarding GUID hash codes that are used in the battlefield 2142 game.


How are they generated?


I only have 2 copies of the game and have only installed them on two different computers, my workstaion and my laptop. On my workstaion I have multi-boot Linux/XP/Vista and the game was installed on both microsoft os's.


Yet a player search shows 15 unique GUID hash keys for my character name.


How is this possible?


Q. If I use a friends computer with his own copy of the game and log in with my credentials does it associate his GUID with my character name?


Q. If I install the game on multiple operating systems on the same computer will it generate multiple GUID's?


Q. If I change the hardware/OS configurations and reinstall the game will it give me a different GUID?


I have been banned from a single server because of this issue and would like to resolve it as quickly as possible.


Any links or information you could provide regarding this will go along way in my efforts to find out what is happening with my account.


Thank you for your time



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In Battlefield games it is a one way hash based on the serial number in your account. Logging into your account on another instance of the game (be it another OS or machine) will still generate the same GUID.

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Logging into your account on another instance of the game (be it another OS or machine) will still generate the same GUID.


What ??

logging in on other machine / with other key will provide other GUID (account has only one static thing and its a PID)


PBGUID genertated with usage of the product key and hardware finger print (HW bans comes some times to the world :) )


still the question for me logging from different hardware but with same key (just lazy to test it :) )

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admin edit;

Post this in a private forum section if you want feedback, not one thats viewable to the public & google.


reference your "caught guid" - try clicking it on the MPI.

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It is my undertanding that the GUIDs are in fact hashes that are created from CD Keys. I've upgraded my PC on numerous occasions, and have gone through a few OS swaps(XP to Xp x64 to Vista to Vista x64), and it only shows the GUIDs that I've purchased.


Question is, how can anyone be seen using more 13 GUIDs in 3 days?


What are the chances of playing on 13 different machines all running seperate copies of the game in the span of 3 days?



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As previously mentioned the guid is a direct product of the cd key used. While Hardware ID's exist for PB they are not part of the guid.


Multiple guids linked to aliases mean that the alias has been used on copies of battlefield that contain different cd-keys and hence guids.


For example I have two legitimate guids - my computer and my girlfriends. The setup of the OS etc., doesn't make a difference.


However there is another point - someone using a name spoofer to spoof your alias (usually for the purpose of getting your stats reset etc.,) - since they are using their own cd-key they would have their own guid. By name spoofing your alias it will link you alias to their guid too.


In my case I have two legit guids - looking at the details all the connection info is from my (UK) IP, then I have a 3rd guid where someone tried to namespoof me and statspad - this guid belongs to someone that I banned from my server, who threatened to hunt me down kill me and wipe my account. The IP of this individual is from a US IP.

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