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Right im not sure where to post this but i thought id post it pbbans as you have many members and are very helpful.


i have a problem with my website and so do other members here is the story.


i have a cod4 server TS server and website all hosted by the same supplier but only encounter problems with the website.


every so often (not happened for a long time but is happening when posting this) the page does not load in IE or FF stating the website cannot be found make sure you have typed the address in properly blah blah you have all read this.


even though the website cannot be found other members can view it and post etc. but i cannot - other members have also experienced the same problem with being on different ISP different speeds and even different countries, i am with virgin media 2MB.


i even go into command prompt and try to ping my website from there but it states that the website is not even there i google the website and its there but cant view it.


i have tried removing the www. but this has no effect.


i have direct admin for my website that i can still log into, and can view any other websites but not the ones supplied by them, i have talked to them they ensure me its running 100% and it is really as other members can still view it and he has also restarted the whole server and assured me im not on the ban list. i cannot view there homepage or any other websites supplied by themselves.


like i said im experiencing this problem now and other members have also - were not banned - different ISP different Speeds and Different countries.


now how come this happens i would like all views on this please and can u back up your answers not just saying its my suppliers problem explain why this could be. as im confused is it me? my ISP or them?


Im in the UK and also the supplier is in the UK - And Also Same ISP - i have resert my router, PC - Modem. Ran all my tools - cccleaner - adaware - spybot everything and he has also reset his server


my website - www.sbclan.co.uk

using e107

suppliers website - www.xgservers.co.uk


what is on my server (ill post these just the sake of)


Processor NameIntel

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I was able to view it for an hour - then its not there again. dam im getting annoyed - if people are confused does anyone know my problem or another place where i could post this.

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I've been able to consistantly reach the site.


Where are you having trouble from?


Is your ISP host having DNS issues?


Not sure what OS you have but if Windows XP you can try to use the tracert command in a CMD window.


Open a CMD window, type:

tracert www.sbclan.co.uk


This will trace the path to reach your site and if there are any dropped packets.

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managed to fix changed my DNS to OpenDNS


Great to hear that you solved it. For future reference the largest cause of connection failures are either A ) DNS Issues or B ) Bandwidth Issues.

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