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We are proud to announce the partnership between Electronic Sports League (www.esl.eu) and PBBans.


This partnership provides ESL and server admins with the tools necessary to keep their matches as clean and fair as possible. ESL has made it mandatory to stream participants servers to PBBans as part of their anti-cheat solution.


New Anti-Cheat partner: PBBans!


With some huge events planned for this summer we've decided to move on to a new streaming partner, in order to assure that our leagues are as cheater-free as possible.

For a long while now, there was no mandatory server streaming for this game. Because we have some huge events planned this summer we decided that it was time again to make anti-cheat streaming mandatory for our cups and leagues again. We have chosen PBBans.com as our anti-cheat streaming partner.


Setting up your server(s) to stream to PBBans is extremely easy and usually only takes 15 minutes or less from the time you apply until your server is streaming! We highly encourage you to start streaming today as the more servers stream, the harder it will be for cheaters to find servers they can join. To get started streaming to PBBans simply follow the starters guide. If you need additional help you can always visit them at irc.quakenet.org #pbbans.


Please note that streaming your warserver is mandatory! Starting at 01/07/2008 matches that will be played on a non-streaming server will result into 3 Penality Points for the team responsible for the server, the match however will not be deleted.



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GooD News,I hope in near Feature we can stream all PB Games to PBBans for Matches in the ESL.PBBans works very good and the Configs making no Laggs and having a high dedect quote. ;) ;)

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