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How Can i Take a screenshot like those in screenshot quiz???


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yeah i wanna know the commands to take those screenshot that reflex what the cheater is doing??Can someone help me with this???PLZ i will apreciate it

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Why dont you post your server config for us to correct for you. Please black out the RCON PASSWORD. If your running a certain mod it would also be helpfull to see that config too.




But you can start by downloading the Punkbuster Server Manual from www.evenbalance.com

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pb_sv_SsSrate 1 //[sample Rate for remote screenshots]

pb_sv_SsDelay 0 //[Maximum delay client waits before capturing screenshot]

pb_sv_SsPath "" //[Path where remote screenshots are saved]

pb_sv_AutoSsFrom 60 //[Minimum # of seconds to wait before requesting next ss]

pb_sv_AutoSsTo 600 //[Maximum # of seconds to wait before requesting next ss]

pb_sv_AutoSs 1 //[0=No, 1=Yes (default=0)]

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Well, you will need the PunkBuster Manual. Download it, print it, read it, keep it. Once you have that done then I will be able to help you. If I can not see your config, then how can I know what your problem is?? Do ya have autoss on ??? do ya have a path set for the screenshots??? do you even have pb enabled on your server. Is there a screenshot folder in your pb folder in your ftp access.


How I can help you if I dont know what the problem is. Telling me you want to recieve screenshots is not very helpfull. Posting your server config and mod configs is the easiest way to help, and since ya want to fix it yourself, let me know how and when I can help, but I need more information then what you have supplied. Not to be rude, but I offered my help, you need to help yourself by reading, and offering a more detailed description of your problem, especially if your not gonna show me the configs.



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all u mension before i have it, i have pb on all the time i had read the punkbuster manual 1000 times i can tell u some commands and stuff,i know there a command to take a screenshot pb_getss but is this the one that i need to catch cheaters??and no i dont have autoss on is it good have it on all the time?? and yeah i have the path pb/screenshots.

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Guest MA-Chick{EFK}



autoscreenshots is the only way to go to try to catch cheaters, in my opinion. That's the commands that Johnny gave you.


If you have a specific person that you want to take pb screenshots of, get his/her id#, do the pb_sv_getss id# +1.


For example, if the person's id # is 9, you'd type:


rcon pb_sv_getss 10


Hope this helps.

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thx bro i realy apreciate ure help the problem is that im sick of cheaters and theirs stupid type of playing and whinning i wanna catch some and post them here thats why asked THX

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sry another question if i'm in a server that isnt my server and i see wierds move and a lot of headshots and all that cheating things what can i do to have proob that he is cheating??screenshots???demos??

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ok thx guys for ure help im just wondering but i have my own server,my clan server but i wanted to know if i was in another server,now i know,so a demo would be gool.thx guys

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SFA good job! Remember not everyone who get alot of headshots or does really good in the game is a cheater.



Bro could you take a look my server config?


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If you want to set your server to stream with pbbans, ill be glad to help you configure your pb server. You give a little, i give a little. The advantage is all yours but if you dont want to stream with pbbans,its all good, you can find all the cfg description and pb function at:




Maybe if you post your cfg, peeps could give you suggestions

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If you want to set your server to stream with pbbans, ill be glad to help you configure your pb server. You give a little, i give a little.



yeah Qc that would be great. Where do i sign up lol

What can i do for you ?

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All you need to do for me is set your server to stream:


By Volfin:


You should make a file called pbsvlog.cfg. This file is for streaming your server logs to PBBans.com Don't know what that means? It means the punkbuster logs from your server are automatically stored at PBBans.com. This allows for several nice features:

Streaming is Incredibly Important. This is for several reasons:

1. Undisputable integrity of the ban. Noone can say you faked a log.
2. Automation bans will be picked up by our automatic log parser. No more going through log after log looking for cheaters.
3. Highly advanced Trend analysis As the streaming data is processed, an organization of the data is possible which cannot be achieved from manual submissions. This gives admins more ways to prove or disprove a person's guilt/innocence for the purpose of ban appeals and less reliable proof such as screenshots and demos.

Setting up for streaming is easy. Open the pbsvlog.cfg file:

;PBBans Repository Commands 
pb_sv_logaddr // Repository IP Address 
pb_sv_logport 24389 // Repository Port 
pb_sv_loguser "Put your username here"// Your username 
pb_sv_logpw "Put your password here"   //your password

Choose a unique username and password to use for streaming. These can be anything you want. Place them in the file where shown in green above.

Place the modified file in your game server's pb directory, and reboot the server.

THEN, you must notify an admin (like myself) that you are intending to stream, and provide them with the following information:

-Your Server ip and port.
-Your username and password as entered above
-The type of game, and name of the clan/owner of the server.

That's it!

For more advanced information about Punkbuster, see the manual here:

or, ask someone here at PBBans, we are happy to help!



Be sure to provide all the server info in your profile. Then, when your server is set pm Volfin or RodeoBob so they adjust your profile and givew you the proper forum acess.


After that, Not only me but all admins will give you all the help you need and , like i said, your the winner in this, as our help and forums will get your server's pb up to date and protect it from hackers. The catch youll make will be added to the pbbans ban list, for that , you have to stream your logs so we can autentify the catch.


Its a win win situation :jam:

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