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PBBans Pinned Topics Round-Up


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Global Information
About PBBans
PBBans Terms of Service (Public Information, mulitilingual)
PBBans Staff Responibilities
PBBans IRC Channels, Quakenet & GameSurge
PBBans Teamspeak-Server (Public Thread)
Do not test Cheats (Public Information)
Do not test Cheats - extended Remix (Private Thread)
Global PunkBuster Hardware & GUID Bans (Public Information)
Removed Violations / Bans (Public Forum)
Game specific PB related FAQ (Public Information)

Public PunkBuster Client Information
PunkBuster Violation Numbers
How to update PunkBuster
PunkBuster Services Troubleshooting
PunkBuster Client Logging - Recommended Feature

PBBans Indexes
Master Ban Index (public)
Master Player Index 5 (graded access level)
Master League Index (public)
Master Streaming Index (public)
Master Config Index 2 (private)

Links & Downloads
Information Center (Public Information)
Downloads (graded access)
PBBans Banners & Linking (Public Information)

Streaming - Setup & Registration
Starter's Guide - Registering & Application for a Team Account (Public Information)
Setup - PBBans Hub Streaming Guide (Public Information) -- (Public PDF Guide) -- PBBans Hub Config (Public)
Sample Configs (Public Downloads)
Hub Streaming Fix/Setup Via Rcon (Public Quick Manual)

Streaming - Disclaimer
PBBans Hub Disclaimer (Public Information)
Streaming Cracked Servers (Public Information)
Streaming Beta or Demo servers (Public Information)
Streaming LAN or PC Servers (Public Information)

Streaming - Related
Team Account - Server Management
Server Flags (Public Info)
Banlist Updates for Streaming Servers - Accept Bans & Enforce Bans Concept (Private Thread)
CVar & MD5 Scans Setup & Use (Public Web Guide) (Public PDF Guide)
HLSW Setup & Use (Public PDF Guide)
PunkBuster WebTool, Setup & Use (Public)
Generated Keys (Private Thread)

Streaming - PBBans Hub Features
How to adjust Hub Features for streaming Servers - PBBans Hub Flags (Public Information) - additional Notes (Private Thread)
Hub Features Change Log (Private Thread)
Hub Greetings Feature (Private Thread)
Non Streaming Notification Feature (Private Thread)
PBBans Hub Live Feature (Private Thread)
Hub flags - MD5 & CVar Autoupdate Feature (Private Thread)

Streaming - PAT/jPAT
PBBans Admin Tool (PAT) Documentation (Private Thread)
PBBans Admin Tool (PAT) - Login (Private Thread)
%5BJava%5D PBBans Admin Tool - Downloads (Private)
Java PBBans Admin Tool (jPAT) - Manual (Public Information)
Java PBBans Admin Tool (jPAT) - Login & Documentation & important Notes (Private Forum)
Guide de configuration pour jPAT

Streaming - Signatures
How to Setup Signatures, Linking and Forums Code (Private Thread)
Signature Code Samples (Private Thread)
Server Based Signatures (Private Thread)

PunkBuster Screenshot Guide (Public PDF Guide) (Public Web Guide)
Requirements for PBSS Submissions & Review (Private Thread)
How to submit your PBSS via Team Account Manager
Review Process for PBSS Submissions
Non-Bannable Screenshots (Private Forum)
Non-Bannable Screenshots: Windows Desktop Wallpapers (Private Thread)
PBSS Polls How to (Private Thread)
Nvidia Cards and Black Screenshots, a workaround (Public Thread)
Call of Duty 4 specific:
Black grass, Trees & models (Private Thread)

How to submit Demo Catches (Private Thread)
Call of Duty 4 specific:
Recording Call Of Duty 4 Demos (Private Thread)
Call Of Duty 4 Demo Reviewing Config (Private Thread)
Call Of Duty 4 Demo Player (Private Thread)

Leagues related
Master League Index (League Admin private)

Ban Appeals

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