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How do i make custom messages on my server, I think it is streamed, But i can't figure out how. i searched on forum and did not find anythin...



Also i am sorry if this is in wrong area - I tried putting in some others but they wouldn't let me (Like FAQ)


Can anyone help :s? :unsure:


Thanks - Dave / DUde / Drake




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If you are referring to welcome messages you can set up a welcome message sent by the HUB.


For each server you have streaming you can set a Join Greeting. In your server management click (Modify) and configure the Join Greeting.




Welcome $CURRENT_NICK to our COD4 Server



Also have the Allow Hub Greetings option checked.


If you are looking for automated scrolling messages, I find this guide helpful, http://www.punksbusted.com/wiki/index.php/Automated_Messages.

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