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Hi all-


Trying to get our FFOW server streaming and due to the lack of server returns to PB commands I'm not sure what I may have done wrong. I uploaded the files to binaries/pb folder and did a game server restart (I host through MyIS) as again, the PB restart command isn't working through Rcon...


The server shows as not streaming through the server manager here so not real sure what to try to get it going... If anyone could offer some FFOW advice I'd be grateful!

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Well, the only available Rcon for FFOW hasn't enabled the PB commands, however, something seems to be working even though the server manager here says it isn't streaming.. Prior to attempting to get it to stream our clan had our tags as {

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What version is the server? THQ released an updated one yesterday. what files did you upload?


I wasnt aware that the pb restart command actually worked, perhaps get MyIS to restart it.

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Once again, my idiocy strikes! (note to self..NEVER mess with the server before my first cup of coffee) Thanks for the help!!!


Kinsman- the restart command doesn't work, I just did a game server restart to effectively do the same.. Not sure if MyIS has the latest server files applied or not to be honest..

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