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BF2 won't start


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Hi, I have now chanced to Vista on my computer and i have installed BF2 + patch 1.41 Full Patch but when I'm starting BF2 the screen goes black for a sec and then I end up on the desktop :blink:

I have tried reinstall BF2 a lot of times but when i checked punkbuster i notice that no punkbuster processor was running and there was nothing with punkbuster on msconfig -> autostart.


I have tried update punkbuster but it won't help. I have tried run BF2 as administrator but it won't work ether. Please help :(

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Well, now it have stoped going back to the desktop. Now it's a bluescreen insted :(


here is what vista told me was wrong: namnlsox7.jpg



Hey just joined again. Are you running it as asmin on your computer. Right click on the bf2 icon & hit run as admin.

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fix: uninstall vista install winxp


vista = crap

No need to bump an old thread with just useless spam.

By now you as well know this issue have been most likely solved anyways.

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