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Kickin wheel binders


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seeing as now that the hub does bind queries what are the odds of having an option to kick the idiots who bind wheelup or wheeldown to +attack to take advantage of the semi auto weapons. I know lots of admins will kick/ban for it and it's not allowed in any leagues but there are a huge number of people who use it like they can't play without it and I also know there are 3rd party programs you can run to take care of these but if your running them on the same computer your trying to play on it's either a performance hit or the program won't function properly and most people aren't going to setup another pc for the sole purpose of babysitting a server so it would be much easier if we could use the hub to at the very least broadcast the names of the players who have there mousewheel bound to attack I'm sure they would either unbind it or get harrassed right off the server lol and I'm pretty sure most of the admins that stream there server would use it. If there was an easier way to kick them using the pbsv.cfg I'd be all for it. <<puts on fire suit preparing for flame wars>> I tried posting this in the hub section but I guess SGA's aren't allowed access to that section, I could replay to posts but not start a new one

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I tried it and I found it pretty lame, still as it's a in game menu option I don't think it would be in the best interests of an anti cheat site to be involved with that.


Still it's really lame playing style and I'm sure the guys you see doing it also pull nads and pistols out of their a$$ too! :lol:

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yeah 3x frags, last stand, jug, tubes all that stuff lol, often times I'll check the hub live for binds and compare that to the server tools and half these guys are registered and active in cal and twl and by looking at there match history it's obvious they can't play when they can't use there glitches or limited perks so broadcast who's scrolling and what theam they play for including match history and say something like I bet you wish you could use 3x frags and last stand in cal and usually the stuff they use in pub servers reflects how well they do in matches and from what I see with most of them it's not very good lol I just wish there was a easier option then having to troll through logs or getting a low end computer to leave on 24/7, I have a 1000 watt psu so that's like having the toaster on 24/7 lol a nice increase in the $$$ for the electic bill

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