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Starting Punkbuster?


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I have CC access and the Gameserver access which includes FTP



I'm curious how to get Punkbuster running because it seems I don't have the option from CC. Could someone help me?



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I input all those commands but still nothing ...


It seems the Punkbuster won't turn on for me, and I know it has been on before on this server (like 2-3 days ago before we had some trouble with it)


If I gave you the Gamesevers info and CC info could you take a look at it? (Let you borrow a Account / password)

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For the record:


To enable PB on BetaField servers:


1. FTP to the server [ e.g. WS_FTP FileZilla ]

2. search a serversettings.con e.g. in /serverIP:serverPort/mods/bf2142/settings , edit the value of sv.punkBuster to 1

3. go to the server root e.g. /serverIP:serverPort/ and edit all *.profile files e.g. default.profile to true

4. Restart the server


additional goodies can be found in default.profile





... e.g. usefull to run http://www.pbbans.com/account/webtool.php or to RCon to the server via HLSW ;)



Variant 2:


w/h FTP to edit the .profile file "add custom settings to serversettings.con" Box down left in bfcc [settings] [general] :


sv.punkBuster 1


Save & Restart Server

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