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also are you guys putting people on the banlist that have been kicked do to p_move?? cuz i notice alot of 9001 cvar violations on the list and was wondering if you guys are considering it a cheat?? if not can u tell me what some of the cvars are that are really illegal?

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Why not become a member of the most productive Anti-Cheat site on the Web. Don't fall for all the Glamore and Hype of other sites, register here and keep your 'rights' After all You own the server. 8)

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We kick for Pmove adjustments, as we also kick after warning for rate and fps. If you know why the question is answered. Hey it is our Server and we want a level playing field.

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replicates lag to those viewing them, and for those using it.  <--- that is a simple answer.

after what i know and have tryed pmove is a client side setting not a server setting. Pmove is not a cheat but it will make the game feel MUCH different for the player. he will feel like he is leaning much faster and he can shot faster. BUT it is all client side. I feel pmove gives some players with some grafic card a big advance (it wont be working smooth with all grafic cards)


i used pmove for a long time before it got "famous" and ive never been told that i lag/warp at all. I used pmove because i had a shitty pc and a shitty grafic card. and i got a better gamefeeling with pmove on.


(i havent used it since extmod)




i found this at a quake3/sof2 site





pmove_msec This setting is reported to be server side ( internet, dedicated, single player ) only and is only included here for reference and explanation should you be playing on an internet server that has it enabled. See Why Your Framerate Affects Jumping! for more information on why pmove_fixed and pmove_msec when enabled server side remove FPS dependant physics.


Information on pmove_fixed and pmove_msec taken from id software's documentation:

/pmove_fixed - Typically the player physics advances in small time steps. When this option is enabled all players will use fixed frequency player physics, the time between two advances of the physics will be the same for all players. The actual time between two advances of the player physics can be set with the pmove_msec variable. Enabling this option will make the player physics the same for all players independent from their framerate. [Enforced Server side]


/pmove_msec <milli-seconds> - Sets the time in milliseconds between two advances of the player physics. [server side]

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well you only list one of the variations of it's explanation. I will not get into this debate repeatedly. It's nice that you like to use it and if you'll notice games that were released after sof2 have locked this cvar from being adjusted at all. This is due to it being exploited. What pmove does in laymans terms is to allow you to be one place and tell the server you are somewhere else. What that means also in laymens terms is your opponents fire at you where they see you (due to the server saying to them you are here) and you actually being elsewhere (meaning they miss you completely).


There is a very nice explaination of using this exploit on several cheat forums. IT IS A CHEAT. Although not a bannable one. Using it is cheating in many admins eyes just the same. And also newer games using the q3 game engine lock it from being used. That right there should tell you something.


Now go back to johnny's server and play with it there some more.

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