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problem with guids


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hi, we currently are running a coduo dedicated server with punkbuster enabled. for the past two weeks we have noticed that some player GUID'S are not always appearing in any rcon tool program or in the game console. some players come into our server sometimes with a "0" GUID number therefore we can not ban or prevent anyone that has been banned from entering our server.


we contacted our server provider and they said other clans were having the same problem with GUID's which we did verify by talking to other clans. our server provider indicated to us that it might have something to do with the master servers.


i don't know where else to go for help on this issue. if someone can be of some help we would appreciate any thoughts


thanks 355th_WRIGHT3 SR. ADMIN 355th Armored

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I usually PB kick them ( so they get a message w/ the reason "Your GUID # does not show. Please reconnect. Thanks!" ) for "0" minutes. And usually ( not always ) when they reconnect the GUID is fine.


PB_SV_Kick [name or slot #] [minutes] [displayed_reason] | [optional_private_reason]
Removes a player from the game and won't let the player rejoin until specified [minutes] has passed or until the server is restarted, whichever comes first - kicks are not written to the pbbans.dat file but they are logged and will show up in the output from the pb_sv_banlist command

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