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sad day for gaming


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Hello All,


I have had someone calling himself RAZ aka Jonathan Baker from team dignitas, i dont believe its your RAZ but he clams he is. I would not post here only he is trying to ruin our clan, he is telling members they are out of the clan, saying to me that i wont have nothing to read on my website by the end of the week because he can hack my site. To be honest i am seeking legal advice at the moment, i do believe hacking websites is a crime. This is what i know about him below, i have also had a pb check done one of the usernames is "Im raz from d", i have every IP he has used, every username, every game guid, 3 from cod2, 2 from battlefield, 1 from bf2142, 1 from cod4.


Hope you can shed some feedback, has anyone came across him before? He changed his name to my xfire


I have xfire abuse log


So people do you know aaron baker?










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Well I can pretty much assure you such behavior don't belong in Team Dignitas.

Dignitas is one of the most representative eSports Team in the world and such behavior (from what you are telling us) will not come from one of their team members, in other words, just an impostor, a guy without any real life or at least only one very disturbed one.


The other thing about this, is what this have to do with PBBans?

This is an AC site based on PB Software from Even Balance, nothing more until he breaks any PB violation, but thanks for the heads up :)

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Sorry to seem like i was dropping this on PBBANS, i have been around gaming since half life 1 and never anything like this before. Its just a heads up to admins really, to look out for this guy, I had so many members asking me why they were out of the clan, i would say we have lost 10 people over this person. See any strange activity with members disapearing, this could be your boy.

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Well, I can't really find this any interesting honestly.

And even if it would be, who would care, come on!

Dignitas is just a bunch of !#@ playing only for money, and stealing all the sponsors >.< so the others organizations have to pay all by themselves while they can just earn money over and over.

And it wouldn't surprise me if they would do something like that.


Perhaps, if you wish you could post here those IP Addresses, so we could check them :)

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Yea np m8, thanks for the heads up on this, but as said before nothing really concerning PBBans.

Andrea, we don't judge professional teams in here at all ;)

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