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How to tell if some one is walling / aimbotting

=BoX=Piranha Z

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yeah there was some guy in our server that knew where everybody is / was but we cannot obviously tell if he is or is not hacking. He denies it but does extremely well. i have a demo of him, his GUID, and a screenshot of his wining score at the end of a round.


... it appears i cannot upload the demo of him hacking

his guid is 22b24ef1 . it shows hes clean but even other players that were doing very well started to get very poor scores

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I would suggest you setup streaming here. It takes around 5 minutes and its a very valuable resource in keeping your servers clean.





once streaming is setup record another demo of the same guy and submit it :) (you need to be streaming at the time of a demo submission)


Sorry if this is overwhelming lol but pbbans is a great tool to have for punkbuster and keeping hackers off your server(s) with over 10,000 cod4 bans.

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Unfortunately you need to be a Streaming Game Admin in order to send possible hack related demos, or screenshots.


As {RUF} Ice Man said, get your servers streaming on PBBans, then get another demo of him (or even better, get him caught by PBBans' exclusive checks) and submit it ;)

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thats just it, its not my server, its my friends. but i can't convince him to stream his server to pbbans. as soon as our clan gets ours back up it will be

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