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Welcome message not working


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Hi There

I set up the hub streaming using FTP method and I get the your server is streaming confirmation when i check using the checking tool.

but after adding a welcome message in the hub control panel and changing the flag to allow welcome messages MD5 and forced bans etc.I get no welcome message on the server when I join ! How do I know it's working and why no welcome message ?


Help !!!!!!!

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Post your account ID for a staff member? It should be working if you did that properly. Go to:

http://www.pbbans.com/account/server.php And click "Modify", Scroll to the end. And insert your greeting. I.e.

Hello $CURRENT_NICK, Please Read The Scrolling Rules!! Play Fair & Have Fun!


Click "Save Greeting". If that's not working, then you have an acc problem, and only staff members fix them. :)

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