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Hello all, I am not sure if I am on the right board for this question so if not please forgive me. I play Battlefield 2 and I have joined some servers that has a greeting when you join the game i.e. Welcome (player name) To (server name). I have asked on BF2 related forums elsewhere but the only responce I have gotten was the question do I hack much. I am at a lose here. If anyone knows what this is or where to get it please help me with this. Thanks in advance for any and all help.





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PBBans offers that option to streaming servers. This feature is usually a server side option and up to the server admin to configure.


Additionally, there are some applications out there which will do the same. These are usually run from a client PC and configured to monitor the server.


I'm not familiar with BF2/BF2142 server administration so the server greetings may function slightly different.

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