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Wiping honest 4stars and leaving these alone


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It's always nice to see PBBAN leaving a 4 star General like this alone for most of the year,

while wiping the stats of an honest 4 star General like RacerX79.


This guy "made" 4 star General with 145hours of playtime and completely bogus stats.



It took me 10 seconds to figure out that Whis#1nfantry was a hack and PBBAN

hasnt figured it out in nearly a year.

Meanwhile, an honest player that Ive played with for years like RacerX79 gets no proof, no screenshots, nothing.


Nice system

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We do not wipe stats for anyone, here. That job belongs solely to EA themselves.


We provide a privately run, non-profit anti-cheat group service to aid in keeping online game cheaters off punkbuster enabled games. Removing ranks, stats, or anything else EA-related needs to be dealt with directly with EA themselves.


Server-admin need to employ the streaming services we provide for the anti-cheat to be functional, and as well, this is not a 100% guarantee that all cheaters will be caught.


Anti-cheat is completely about reaction, as the cheats first need to be released, then attained, broken down, and detections added in order to have them dealt with.

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Myself and other admins for our servers were confronted my a "friend" of a person who was banned from our servers.

I had to look to see what happened.


Punks found a "hack".


Fellow gamers should educate themselves a little more before making accusations against others.


That should part and parcel over from everyday real life, but some of us know that with some that won't happen.

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