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Permanent ban


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There is a server (et2.kernwaffe.de) on which I get this message: "Banned by Admin"


I've contacted the admins and they say I have not been banned by them. I went to the server web-site and I left there a few posts ... nothing. Everyone says "it is a PB problem". Googling was no help (yet). My GUID is 86483a4e.


Any help is much appreciated!

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I told him that and he said that I was not in his ban list. In fact I can play on all the other servers of kernwaffe. I always end in the same place: it is supposed to be a "PB problem". Can't figure out more with such a brief kick message...

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first: ask if the server admin is streaming to any anti cheat sites


next ask if he could check his pbbans.dat file on his server (not sure where it would be located for ET...)


thats where I would start... maybe have him come over here? just throwing up some ideas

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