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But it did take a little time setting that up as I am very limited in any skills required to do that.

I found it did not work quite right and that was more than likely my fault.


I have done the download via FTP from providers also. Slow depending on your speed from the server to you.


The BEST was for me is to Remote Desktop into our server, zip up the ss, and e-mail them to myself via gmail.

Log off the server, go to my desk top and upload them to Picas for all of our admins to view.

I am sure other web based mail can do that also.


That is the quickest, easiest way, for me at least.

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Hi Guys. I have a question about this SS. One week ago I saw the same SS of that man. All of them (SS) were as displayed. I have belived that a desktop, but today I found the same SS of this man. I guessing that a PB Hack which blocking a normal SS transferring.

Please let me know what it could be. Thanks a lot.



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Thanks for reply ;) . But this is dnt depends from me. Im only COD4 servers administrator at our game portal and our servers are streaming to GV, but my own server to PB. So, do Your have any ideas about mentioned SS?

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