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How To Enable pb_alist


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how do i enable my server to be able to use the pb_alist function


My server is uptodate etc. and it currently says this function is disabled on this server, i cant find the command to enable it


Please tell me how :D

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PB_SV_AliasMax [0-99]

Setting defaults to 0 which means alias tracking is disabled; set to some value above 0 to enable and to specify how many aliases will be stored for each GUID; if the player uses more aliases than the max, the later ones will be ignored




^^ For further reading :P

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PB_SV_AList [slot #]

Lists all aliases used by each GUID; the PB slot# must be specified after the command (the slot# is shown by the PB_SV_PList command); the first column in the output states how many times.a player (GUID) has used that alias; the 2nd and 3rd columns state when the name was used the first and last time (year-month-day format); the 4th column displays the actual alias used.

NOTE: to search for a specific GUID even if the player is not currently connected, use PB_SV_AList (same as above, just specify full 32 character GUID instead of slot#)


This is what i found in evenbalance ;)

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