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And I dont have any negative feedback on the site, but if you are ever to consider a cheaper solution than JPilot's jIRC chat applet, consider this one:




Its open source, distributed under the GPL, and has a plugin extension to be used when integrating it into phpBB.


Liste of features:

- Highlight support

- ASL handling

- Graphical bitmap used for smiley?s

- Nickname auto completion

- Nick, channel and URL catcher

- Sound support

- Multilingual support

- Esthetical options such as background image, per-channel color configuration, and so on?

- UTF-8 encoding support

- Support for external control via javascript

- ?On connect? command list

- Time stamping

- Fast, light and reliable

- Free and open source


Hope you find the information useful, and keep up the good work, you know who you are!

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