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Servers with stupid pb settings imo


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I have noticed a growing trend with server admins adding some really ridiculous settings on their pb.You only get a kick for it but, to me it seems theres a lot of petty and poor sports out there.


1st kicking for FPS over 100

now is it such a big deal that someone has a high fps? The game runs a lot better the higher the fps so i unlock it just to see my pc purr away.I know people say "oh but you can jump higher blah blah", but my fps ranges from 150-350 after getting a new video card.So i went from getting 60 fps max to anything upto 350, but i cant jump higher, run faster or shoot faster, thats just a myth.I know people swear by it , saying you can jump 9% higher ect but even if you can you cant jump on anything higher than any other player.So really it boils down to a server admin whos pc isnt very good running low settings with lagg and getting pissed when somebody destroys him.



2nd Kicks for sm_enable 0

Just to enlighten people this setting turns off bullet marks on walls from players shooting walls.So this doesnt give them any advantage at all.But people running their settings as low as possible because of an old computer turn this off to run the game better and gain a few fps.So why set your server to kick for this, is it that important? This is totally crazy


3rd Level 1 kicks for special characters(this one is actually a default pb setting so not done by choice) eg

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Play on other servers.

Their server their rules, simple as that.

Some of the cvars kicks you can add can be good to avoid the worst of the tweakers, and some servers admins do use them.

Always check the console after joining a server, then do a extended cvar search by: pb_cvarlist to see entire list, easy peasy, then its up to you to adjust or leave.

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I don't think the last 2 options are really anything of a bother.


However, the 1st one. On BpUk (rifles only) Servers, max fps is 250. Due to an out of map jump which is possible with 333 fps, and can cause total mayhem if someone gets out of map.


Maybe the Admin did it to stop roof jumps/glitches/out of map jumps.

Maybe even to stop bunny hopping or people bouncing around.


I know what you mean, 100fps isn't great for playing, but maybe he has his reasons. If you have a counter-argument just xfire the Admin and have a chat :)

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