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Need Help with PBSS

xLAWx boxerboy401

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Hello, I'm the main admin for my clans server, and I was just learning about all this punkbuster pbbans and all. but I have looked everywhere on how to get the PunkBuster ScreenShots going, I do not have the webtool that my old clan has, I do not understand how to get it, I've gone to a lot of people asking around until one person pointed me out to pbbans. So I am hoping that you guys can help me out here. thank you

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Thank you for the help, now to figure out how to get the welcome messages going lol, if anyone knows that would reallly take a lot of weight off my shoulders.

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The welcome messages are a part of the service we offer here at PBBans. Along with a lot of other things ;)


We cannot accept PBSS submissions from a server that isn't streaming and as far as I am aware neither will any other reputable AC org.



I suggest you make an application to stream here - After reading the info from our Information Centre


I am guessing that this brochure Will have some information for you after you have done all that :P



Might seem a lot of reading but it wont take long and it helps to explain it all.


Good luck.




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