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people have been getting kicked for this


PunkBuster Client: Removing "[Heret!c] Impaler" (2 minutes) MD5Tool Mismatch:



PunkBuster Client: Removing "Dr33k__sWe__" (2 minutes) MD5Tool Mismatch:



there saying they get it when they have there auto downlods on and going into other servers.this true?if not is it a hack u have to dl form a cheat site.

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it is being downloaded from a server these people are joining. Supposedly it will only work if the client and server has it. But i've also heard that it will work if the client has it and the server the client is on is on a rmg map.


Regardless it's a pk3 hack as it removes fog.

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a person got kicked for that on our server today, we were playing monopoly.pk3 lol.


Will they get put on the ban list or will they have a chance to get rid of it ?


also are we allowed to upload screenshots in this section if we block out who the person is?

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yes you may but in the pubs make sure to block the guid.


Also if you want to post for your clan you should have them list you on a publicly accessible roster as the pb admin or server admin. And it would also be nice to have your name listed in the .admin section of the servers online info field. I was only able to verify that you are a member of the group and not any type of admin so your account is currently limited.

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