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help with ip ban


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i have pb enabled on our servers but as of yesterday some guy with the ip address of joins our servers and floods the server rcon to the point rendering rcon and pb useless . once he does this , he begins to aim bot and change his name every two seconds untill every last person in the server leavs.


is there a way to Manuely add this ip address?

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first get your server streaming here:





next setup the webtool. add these to your configuration file


pb_sv_httprefresh 30

pb_sv_httpaddr "" //your ip goes here

pb_sv_httpport 8000 //port number, can be switched depending on your host

pb_sv_httpkey "password" // enter your password here


and then go into your logs, get his IP and do this ban

/rcon pb_sv_banmask iphere


ex: lets say my ip is

I would want to do /rcon pb_sv_banmask 216.6.235.

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