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Short GUID in MPI


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First sorry for my bad english - its not my native language.

My question is : why do we only see the short form from a clean GUID . If for exaample u look to the player "McGiver23" you see he is already banned. When i want to ban him with one of his clean GUID he need to come to our server. This has happend - he hacked i banned him. I would like to ban all his clean GUID but how can I do tis when I get only the short form?


Oct 07, 2007 BF2 4f61ac50

=23= McGiver23


Do i miss something or can someone explain me what to do please?


Regards Don

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Please refer to those topics


you can also ban a player by their short guid (8 digit) and you can do a pb_sv_banmask on their IP if you have it (should be in yours logs)

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