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How many screen shots?


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How many screen shots does everyones server take usually per week and how often do you clean them out?


Our server had over 3000 (167mb on disk)screenshots in less then a week, do people actually go through each screenshot?

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What program you use to view the screen shots with?


i use paint shop pro and open about 1000 at a time lol, just wish it would keep the brightness setting so i dont have to do shift+b each time on dark sreenshots.

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i just view as a full screen slide show in windows xp ..if any need a closer look then i open then in photoshop :D


think people should know how to do this but if not ... open folder properties go to customize and choose photo album.. now open the folder and on the left hand side it says view as a slide show.. much easyer "also i drop my rez"

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does no body use peels ss veiwer, you all may hate him but dam if aint broke dont fix it, that little viewer is the best.


I check over 1,000 ss a day and after the server hits 2000 it restarts and overwrights.

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