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PBPower setup


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I have (almost) succesfully setup our servers with pbpower and pb_rcon and have a nice list of commands that our junior members can use - but I am having a problem with status and pb_sv_plist and was hoping someone here may be able to help me out.


they are both successfully entered in the list of commands and can be seen with a /rcon pb_sv_rlist when logged into rcon and have the correct points against them (which is only 20) and when you type


/pb_rcon status




/pb_rcon pb_sv_plist


in the command line the console returns the correct message on screen as if it has worked -


Console:PB_RCON pb_sv_plist issued by [player]


but the status or plist info is not returned in the players console (all the important info). Is this how it is supposed to work? If it is then how would you kick someone if you cant see what their slot number is? (we cant be faffing with typing in players names to kick them)


All the other commands I have in my pbrcon.dat seem to be working ok (although I havn't tested them all). Map rotate and restart works for example.


Any help on this will be appreciated

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@ CritcH


The pb-command "/pb_plist" is executable for all players on a pb-running server.


Requests that the connected PunkBuster Server display a list of players and their current status to the console


It is not necessary to add this command for power users.




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I discovered you cant do it and need to use /pb_plist for the player slot. I am a bit noobish at this so sorry for the dumb questions, but thanks for the answer m8e.

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