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PC and XBox 360 Betas Expiring


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Here is a quote from www.callofduty.com


Hi everyone,


Just a heads-up, the Xbox 360 and PC Multiplayer BETA's are coming to a close. Both BETA's are officially closing Monday morning, 11/10/08. You will not be able to log in on either the Xbox 360 or the PC starting Monday morning. This is in preparation for the retail release that will follow later that evening at midnight!


It's been a great few weeks, and we've collected an invaluable amount of data as a result of both BETA's. As you may have noticed, there was a Title Update released for the Xbox 360 BETA, demonstrating just a small subset of the fixes we've implemented for the retail game. As for the PC, we have a patch we're preparing already to address some of the more important issues discovered with your BETA.


For that, I extend our sincerest thanks to the community for all the great feedback, and truly hope you enjoyed the BETA. Expect some more exciting news over the weekend, and keep an eye out as we prepare to unveil a very exciting new site feature to go live with the game!


So be sure to head out to the closest Gamestop retail location providing a midnight opening for Call of Duty: World at War Monday night and get your full game, or find it in shelves in North America Tuesday, and across Europe Nov. 14!




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Its nice if you are in the US, for the rest of us its a pain. Imagine, a software company that cant organise a worldwide release! Are they trying to encourage the pirate's?


The phrase 'couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery' comes to mind...

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