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Sorry guys not sure were to post this ..

have read a lot and still can find the answer to my question


I am a high admin on my server ...and have recently taken over some of the PBBans

related duties ..We have 2 server streaming here..



I service this one bellow






Now my problem is that when I do a search on a player(s).. It tells me many things but it also says to see more info logo on..Well i have this account ....So does this mean i need to apply to PBBans other services .....


And if so when i do My clan leader Chris has already register ..So its saying to me clan name taken when i fill out the application..


I do not wish to stream a 3rd server but simple have full access to all info on the players playing on our server(s)..


So what do i do ..Would it be best may be to apply to be admin here ..to see that ..sorry just not sure how i can apply if my clan name tag IP is taken already by my leader..


PLS help!!!







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