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streaming questions


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looking to get my WaW server streaming. i have others but want ot make sure this is done correctly


the files i need to upload via ftp are..


1. pbsv.cfg

2. pbsvuser.cfg


got both of these off this site.


question. can i just upload the pbucon.use file with my login and stream info to the pb folder via ftp? or does that info need to be in one of the above files?

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Placing the pbsv,cfg and pbucon.use files from here, into your server's pb folder using ftp is all you need to do. After you've done that, just restart pb ([/rcon] pb_sv_restart) and your server is ready to stream!


Add the IP via your account manager to complete the process.

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The pbsvuser.cfg is to give additional anti-cheat protection. Add it to give your server the best anti-cheat protection you can. The server will stream without this file, but it's effectiveness at catching cheaters will be reduced.


Add that, and your server's as well protected as possible :)

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The pbucon.use file can either be empty or contain information. The information within the pbucon.use file will never be loaded, so it doesn't make any difference if it's empty or not :)

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