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Wolf Interactive Media Group (WIMG) is a group of people & websites geared towards the development of the Wolfenstein multi-player competitive community in North America. This includes the most recent title's in the series which are Return To Castle Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein Enemy Territory & the upcoming Wolfenstein. Our list of current projects include..


Evil Territory League - Providing a competitive arena for teams. Operated & maintained by zOMBie, eZe & *Evil* Clan.



Wolfenstein Central - Community Portal providing competition scene news, coverage & social networking. Operated & maintained by Solanum Project.(zOMBie & Virus)



FPS-Radio - Providing live shoutcast coverage of scene matches. Operated & maintained by Rocky & Mistaken



Configs-X - Providing a central location for players to store & trade player, server & league configs. Various game tweaks, scripts & cvar explanations. Operated & maintained by rabb & staff.



We are also looking to add one more site to our family of sites for clansite design which will provide both free & extended services as well as tutorials & links to various resources which would aide clans & teams in developing & maintaining there own personal website.


Currently we are seeking a website coder to join us as a final partner. We are firmly secure in the layout & design department we just need to add one more person proficient in php & sql to aide in the development in our group of sites. As it stands right now, everybody involved is strictly on a voluntary basis & we receive no revenue for our service although the possibility is certainly there & we are currently seeking financial backing. Most of us do what we do because we thoroughly enjoy our community & enjoy investing in it.


The candidate we are seeking must be proficient in at least php & sql. Must be friendly, mature, trustworthy & be willing to volunteer a few hours making minor adjustments to the websites in their current state & an hour or 2 a week if needed maintaining them. Candidate would also be responsible for aiding in setting up & maintain clansite design website & contributing to any projects there. Candidate would stand to inherit a percentage of the revenue with the rest being invested back into the community & development of the rest of the group of websites. Candidate would be considered full partner in WIMG.


If you are qualified & are interested in this position, please contact zOMBie at one of the following....


[email protected]

xfire- gdevol

#IRC Channels on Quakenet




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