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hi can any one pls tell me what this means i have took 12 screen shots of same person on my server and they all come up black i have followed him in game and took another 5 when i knew he was alive as when your dead they come up black they to was black. i allso took screen shots of all in game and this guys still came up black others were ok ????????? i canot seem to get a clear screenshot of this guy help ????????? :( :(

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Evenbalance's Statement on black pbss

Black screenshots will happen if the videocard drivers are old, when the game is not the active application, or on some Operating System/videocard/driver combinations. Also, screenshot detour hacks could cause these black screenshots.


In summary, black screenshots might not be caused by cheats or hacks but checking all the videocard drivers and/or possibly directx drivers is advisable.

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You can ask him to update his video drivers and direct x. Some combinations of cards/operating systems just never work though.


For instance, I'm using Vista 32 and an 8800GTS. No matter what I do, I return black screens. I can't help it.

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