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Vendetta SOF2 League!

Guest TurboPulse

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Guest TurboPulse


(Soldier Of Fortune 2 Vendetta CTF League!)


Registration is now open for the Soldier Of Fortune 2 Vendetta CTF League, set to begin 1st December 2008.


This tournament will cover the Capture the Flag gametpye and will be run using RocMod.

Match schedules are released the Sunday of each week and teams are allowed to schedule their match for anytime.

The league matches will be played while running anti-cheat software, PBBans/GV.

The event does not start for another two weeks, so you have plenty of time to get things organised.

In the next few days I will be contacting every possible clan I can think of.


Your gonna want to view the website for all of the league information.


If you are interested then visit:



Create yourself an account and send in a clan application in the forum.

The forum is also a good place to keep yourself informed and updated about all the league information.


- Happy Fragging and I hope to hear from you soon:)




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