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I have been playing SoF2 now for over 8 months and I am soon to be starting up my own server. I like what you folks are doing in catching those lame punks who really go out of their way to make my game suck even worse.


Your Unofficial Ban List is super cool. I like how you have the screenshots and demo links attached to each ban. When will your real cheat system go live?


What does it take to become a member of PBBans?


Keep up the awesome job......(btw your site puts other anti-cheat sites to shame. I especially like how you have it locked down to server admin only :) )


I will be looking forward to working with you folks soon!

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Glad you like the work in progress.



Our temporary ban list is now operational.  

Currently there is a ban list available for Soldier of Fortune II and Enemy Territory.  



Using the ban list  

To get the ban list, go here:  



You can either view all the bans or generate a ban list.  

If you wish to use your current bans and merge our list with yours, copy and paste your bans into the text box and click 'Generate'.  


Copy the generated bans into a new pbbans.dat file and upload it to your punkbuster folder on your game server.  




Each ban has an associated forum thread where you can view additional proof (such as punkbuster screenshots or demos) and ask questions. Keep in mind, this is NOT the real PBBans system. A forum is NOT the best way to handle bans. This is only a temporary solution!

To become a member just register on the home page.

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