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Colored Names


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Apparently some players have learned that they can change the color of their player name on screen. It can be done either by editing the mp player config or via the console.


A name would appear something like []Exploiter in-game.


While generally innocent in nature, some players have opted to change their name color to green....which is the same color as players on your team in-game. Thus, the "green" player appears to be on your side...then kills you. Definitely an exploit.


A few sites have suggested adding:

pb_sv_cvar clanName EXCLUDE ^^

to the PB config, which blocks all colored nicknames.


Supposedly this will be rectified with the next patch (whenever that will be).

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yep already confimed in the private area on site. you should setup your server for streaming ;)

It is streaming...but haven't access to the private area yet...sorry

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I actually dont have a problem with people doing it at all. It's not as if the green is identical to the team colour - not even close really. Also the [] is a dead giveaway, and the fact that a russian player doesnt look like a german player, jap like an american etc. I can only imagine the uproar if they actually ever let us have our beloved coloured names back :)


Certainly a cvar i wont use in our server configs.

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